Rohden is on the market since 1938 and its history follows the evolution of the industry.

The young carpenter Samuel Rohden was its founder. In those days, working in a shed given by his father in the town of Salete, Samuel planted the seed of what the company has become.

With an administration focused on production, the pioneering entrepreneur fought all the difficulties of the time: Even to get nails or screws he needed to travel to major centers. Yet very poor roads and total lack of communication did not prevent the great evolution of his business.

Lino Rohden, current Rohden’s CEO, learned to continue, expand and modernize the company.

This vision of future, and a contemporary corporate mentality, brought in streamline management control and production processes with modern technology and the conquest of international markets. The English market came first, marking the beginning of exports, and today Rohden is in Europe, Africa, Asia and especially North America.

When connecting research, constant business travels, participation in trade shows and events across the globe, the leader prepared the organization and its control strategies.

Today the pioneering spirit and the ability to adapt the company to demanding industry puts Rohden as the reference about doors and glass for various purposes, for its quality, competitiveness, and loyalty to clients.


Rohden, a company committed to the environment and to social and economic issues of the region where it operates, attests in this Policy that it maintains no involvement with illegal timber, whether in its exploration, use and commercialization.

In order to guarantee the origin of its certified products, Rohden declares that does not acquire wood of:

  • Areas where civil and traditional rights have been violated;
  • High-value conservation florests;
  • Genetically modified forests;
  • Forestry areas illegally exploited;
  • Areas where the native forest is converted into plantations.